Probably the worst consumer experience I have ever encountered! The owner of Phamegram was extremely rude, accusing me of things such as "broke" and a "cheapstake" and making impudent comments just because I asked questions regarding the conditions of his services and what were to happen if I things weren't able to work out and I couldn't continue with his business.

He told me that his business isn't for me because I'm 'broke' and then continue gloated how 75 dollars isn't anything to him and how he thought is was "hilarious how I treated 75 like it was 750". Extremely rude, I wouldn't recommend to join his business because of his ignorant nature.

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This person tried to use the service and then tried to talk us down in price for a week and a half. After over 100 emails between us and this person Jay (who no longer deals with our clients) told this lady to find another company. Obviously our service costs money and if you're constantly complaining about not being about to keep up with the payment you need to NOT sign up.


He said come back when your serious to me and telling me he doesnt care. He offered a free trial and then tells me that i have to pay.

He's business must be doing really bad. I hope no one falls in to his scam.

His name is apparently Jay.

What ever you do, don't use this website EVER. Extremely rude and dodgy.


On Friday, Feb. 21st, 2015, I responded to the Phamegram.com website with an email indicating my interest.

I mentioned that I had six Instagram accounts for which I would be purchasing his service, if I found it to be beneficial to me. I also asked about how long it would be when the followers would begin to show up and an average number to expect. I got a four word reply. "You no sign up!" A second message came before I could reply, stating I was not the kind of customer he wanted and I was unreasonable to ask those questions.

He signed off be telling me to get followers from the scam companies. He's the "Follower Nazi."

This is a perfect example of how some villages do not control their idiots.


He did the same thing to me. I wish I could show you the childish "you mad bro" pic I replied with.

The service actually works, but if you "plan on" having any financial hardships come by and you want to cancel for a month, don't even bother. Lol dude is hilarious.

He won't be in business long with that attitude. I should know, I have a Masters in Business.

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